2. Similar USAF activities in Utah, Nevada, Arizona und New Mexico

The idea, that the symbols are for guiding airplanes, seem to be one realistic reason. They can be also targets and test grounds for explosives, chemical and biological weapons. After taking a closer look to US Army test ranges by Google Earth, I found a lot of similarities. Both, in Nellis Range (NV) and Dugway Proving Ground (UT) one can find similar symbols, patterns and lines all over the areas. I created a second Google-Map, where lots of those patterns are marked. Their patterns are more precise and complicated as the ones found near Hanksville. Maybe those in Hanksville are older. But until now, I haven't found any report about USAF activities near Hanksville. The following examples show, that several active areas exists in the southwest.


The findings of USAF marked metal cans show, that there was kind of army activity in the area around Hanksville, UT. But the type of signs and landmarks are different than the examples shown above. Maybe it was some kind of training area, but there is no report of such activities in the area. More resonable is the assumption, that the lines and signs have a technical reason, like mining.

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